When is a Party more then a Party?

When it is an anniversary celebration for some of our outreach partners!
As announced at the annual meeting, some very important outreach events will occur in the next four months. See the flyers in your bulletins, on the website and announced on our Facebook page for more information.
Sign-ups are by the church office.
As a community we have walked the journey with CCA for all forty years as they have grown into one of the most successful alternative high schools in Chicago, helping raise up the youth in the Lawndale area.
We have joined BAH in their spiritual commitment to the Illinois Medical District serving those who need compassion at their most vulnerable time.
As our newest partners, Exodus World Service is showing us how we welcome the stranger, as we embrace our new refugee families.
Please help us to renew our commitment to these partners by attending at least one event in the coming months.