Stewardship 2018: Beyond The Plate, Making "Cents" Of Our Annual Giving

The second half of 2017 will be an important time in the life of St. Mary's. We will continue our "One Big Thing" centered around "No Strangers at Home". We will also continue to welcome new parishioners through communication to Park Ridge at large, nearby suburbs and the northwest side of Chicago. We are encouraging people to "cross the sidewalk" and celebrate the Eucharist with us and participate in our programs. And we will also work to make our religious education, pastoral services and children's programs meet our member's needs.

This Fall we will launch our Annual Stewardship Campaign for 2018. As a prelude to the Campaign which will begin October 1st, this Summer we have shared with you what stewardship is all about; what are the true financial costs of running a parish of our size; why your annual pledge is so important to the daily operations of St. Mary's; what our anticipated needs are going forward; and how you can benefit personally from a generous spirit. Recognizing that many of our newer members come from a variety of faith traditions, the need for a stewardship campaign and annual pledging may not be familiar to all. We hope our dialogue with you, as outlined below, will make it easier to support St. Mary's in a meaningful way during the 2018 Stewardship Campaign this Fall.